Your recovery journey from opioid dependence or alcohol dependence is a challenge, but it's important to know you don't have to go through it alone.

With a call to Vivitrol2getherSM you can find answers to questions about VIVITROL, how to get started, and what is necessary during treatment – to help you and your healthcare provider decide if VIVITROL is the right treatment for you. You can also get help finding a healthcare provider, if needed, and discuss insurance coverage or assistance programs for which you may be eligible.

Find a VIVITROL® provider.

Find a Provider

The VIVITROL Provider Locator is available to connect you with healthcare providers who can prescribe and/or administer VIVITROL in your area.
Vivitrol2gether℠ can assist with insurance coverage questions and discuss assistance options for VIVITROL cost.

See if you're covered for VIVITROL

Check your insurance coverage for VIVITROL before you get your prescription.
  • Learn about getting help paying for VIVITROL: If you need help paying for VIVITROL, the VIVITROL® Co-pay Savings Program may assist eligible patients with out-of-pocket expenses for their VIVITROL prescriptions.
Vivitrol2gether℠ can provide information about monthly shipments of VIVITROL.


If you're ready to learn more, see how you can get a prescription for VIVITROL. If you need further assistance, call 1-800-VIVITROL (1-800-848-4876) Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm (ET).
Vivitrol2gether℠ provides assistance in the transition of care.

Transition of Care

If you need patient support services when transitioning from an outpatient or other setting, call Vivitrol2gether at 1-800-VIVITROL (1-800-848-4876) or you can use the Provider Locator.

VIVITROL is not right for everyone. There are significant risks from VIVITROL treatment, including risk of opioid overdose, severe reaction at the injection site and sudden opioid withdrawal.
See Important Safety Information below. Discuss all benefits and risks with a healthcare provider. See Prescribing Information and Medication Guide.